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Food Safety

As foodborne illnesses flood the news, buyers and consumers are intensely focused on where the product is coming from and what practices are used to guarantee “safe” product.


At the Michael Cutler Company, each of our shipping locations is subject to our strict approval program:

  • Each step along the supply chain is inspected by an independent auditor.

  • New growers & shippers are assessed by our in-house QA personnel and advised on improvements to growing practices and GMP guidelines in order to obtain 100% compliance to our specifications and industry initiatives.

Our goal is to provide our customers and yours with a consistent quality and a wholesome and safe product.


Consumer communication is important to us. We provide clear and accurate labeling to help consumers make informed decisions, web-based information to educate consumers on the industry and its changes, and media advertising.


Michael Cutler Company is at the forefront of the movement to develop an industry-wide produce traceability system. With all of the fresh food contamination scares in recent years, consumers and regulators are demanding better traceability systems. Michael Cutler Company fully endorses the Produce Traceability Initiative.


The identity and source of each shipment is recorded and tracked to ensure 100% visibility of product identification.


We are committed to providing the latest traceability standards to our trading partners to ensure a safe supply chain.

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