We sell onions, apples, pears, and cherries from the Pacific Northwest, California, and overseas.  We sell all varieties of stone fruit and all varieties of grapes from California, Arizona, Mexico and overseas. We also specialize in Texas Citrus.



Studies show that apples can help control weight gain, lower the risk of heart disease and fight cancer. The apple skin contains 4 milligrams of quercetin, an anti-oxidant compound preventing oxygen molecules from damaging individual cells. This compound has also been shown to inhibit the growth of tumors and keep cancer cells from spreading. The insoluble fiber found in apples helps the digestive tract run smoothly and helps prevent diverticulitis.

Apples also contain soluble fiber, which has the opposite effect of insoluble fiber, forming a gel-like material in the digestive tract that can help lower cholesterol, as well as the risk of stroke and heart disease. One of the soluble fibers found in apples, pectin, reduces the amount of cholesterol produced in the liver, slows digestion and slows the rise of blood sugar which makes it ideal for diabetic patients.

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Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations by being a leading provider of safe, high quality produce and value-added solutions. It’s no secret that at Michael Cutler Company:
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