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In order to be considered, your operation must:
  • Meet or exceed our high standards of produce quality and packing specifications.

  • Meet or exceed our high demands for service.

  • Meet or exceed our requirements for Food Safety and Traceability.

  • Ensure that Michael Cutler Company has preferred access to your product,
    especially when market shortages occur.

  • Have an existing relationship with Michael Cutler Company or our current partners.

In return for partnering with Michael Cutler Company,
your operation would receive the following benefits:
  • We offer flexible financing options for supplies and capital investments.

  • Through our vast experience, we are able to share ideas for improving both growing and production techniques.

  • We are highly motivated to stay on the cutting edge of industry initiatives such as Traceability, Food Safety, and GS1 standards. We can also help keep you on the cutting edge of these initiatives.

  • Our partners have access to a pool of customers that provides an outlet for various grades and sizes of product. These premium customers provide a steady stream of business, even during market surplus situations.

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