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 Our experienced Melons Logistics transportation team is here to provide you with the highest level of service. We pride ourselves in our ability to have insight into accurate freight rate trends & forecasting, up-to-date information on industry changes, and work only with Carriers that operate to the highest standard that our Customers deserve. Our team is ready and available 24/7 to assist you with all your transportation needs.

Melons Logistics is the transportation division of Michael Cutler Company and has been providing reliable transportation options to our Customers for over 13 years. Our vast knowledge of logistics allows us to partner with a core group of well-respected Carriers that understand the importance of transparent communication, meeting & exceeding industry regulation standards, and on time delivery. Our network consists of refrigerated trailers, dry van, flat bed, step deck, Conestoga, inter-modal, and some limited LTL options (seasonal)


Worked for Melons Logistics for almost 6 years. As a 4th generation worker in the produce industry I’m very familiar with the priorities of our customers and dedicated to providing them with excellent care. Married with 3 beautiful girls who keep him busy whenever hes not working! When he has some free time,  he enjoys BBQing in the summer, and skiing during the winter.


Amanda's aspirant logistics career began in October 2016 when she left her job after 9 years as a 50-ton boat captain on Long Island, NY and moved to GA. There, she started as a shipping clerk & quickly advanced to logistics manager, responsible for 3 farms in both the US & Canada.In February 2018 she went out on her own to try her hand as an independent broker agent when one of her customers, Michael Cutler Company/Melons Logistics, offered her a position in their Peckville, PA office, where she relocated to in October 2018.When Amanda isn’t networking 24/7 or coming up with innovative new ways to build relationships with her customers & carriers, she enjoys playing volleyball & restoring antique furniture!


Hi, I'm Jonathan! Melons Logistics is the logistics arm of a third generation produce company. I, myself, am also a third generation produce man. My grandfather was the produce manager of a Waldbaum's grocery store in Brooklyn, NY for 45 years. My father grew up with produce, and worked his way through the industry until he founded his own company in 1994. He's still in the business to this day with over 45 years of experience under his belt.I was able to join this awesome team in September 2017 and since then we've grown exponentially. I'm not trying to sound like I'm running for President or anything, but integrity, respect, and loyalty are the core values that I was raised with and bring to my work, and that is what Melons Logistics represents... If you hold these dear, then give us a shot, you've got nothing to lose!


Hi, I'm Mark! I maybe the senior member of the group, but by far, am the least mature. Whether it’s my clever memes or my sarcastic sense of humor, my goal is to make you smile. I am here 17 years and counting.Before Melons Logistics/Michael Cutler Co., I did route sales for the Canada Dry/Royal Crown Co. of Scranton. I am married with a 3 year old son. Outside of here I like to spend time with my family, hit the gym, enjoy sports, and referee. Family is most important to me, whether it's my immediate or work family & I feel I am loyal to a fault.